Glossary of Coating Properties

We have compiled a list of various properties and terms related to polyurethane coatings or its applications along with a short description, some general information about them, and a brief explanation of each property is tested, how to interpret the results, and some information about the ranges where each property should acceptably fall. We encourage you to contact us if you require any more information on these properties or polyurethane coatings in general and we could also provide you other important information about our Purethane product family such as a technical datasheet.

Here is a clickable link of the various properties that we cover in this page – Abrasion Resistance, Accelerated Weathering, Adhesion, Cathodic Disbondment, Chloride Diffusion, Chemical Resistance, Crack Spanning, Dielectric Strength, Elongation at Break, Recoverable Elongation, Flexibility, Flexibility at Low Temperature, Coefficient of Friction, Glass Transition Temperature, Hardness, Impact Resistance, Permeability of Water Vapour, Permeability of Oxygen, Salt spray Resistance, and Tensile Strength.

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