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Frequently Asked Questions

And Technical Documentation

Glossary of Coating Properties

Amchem has prepared an extensive glossary of terms related to polyurethane coatings and its applications along with in-depth descriptions, acceptable results, and testing methodologies.

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Industrial Standards

A compiled list of relevant international specifications from AWWA, NACE, EN, etc. and the various use-cases where they apply. Our Purethane product line exceeds these standards!

Coating Concrete – A Brief Guide

We explore various facets of coating concrete such as preparing the surface, priming, spraying, testing, etc. with a thorough descriptions for each of these various processes and the standards used to measure them.

Coating Steel – A Brief Guide

Coating steel is quite different from coating concrete. Let's comprehensively explore how surface preparation, coating, automation, etc. are carried out for steel surfaces such as pipelines as opposed to concrete.

On Polyurethane Coatings

Take an in-depth look into the technology behind polyurethane coatings and get answers to various common questions such as "What does 100% Solids imply?" or "How safe are your Polyurethane coatings?"