Product Matrix

Purethane® Product selection Matrix

Product NamePurethane PLXPurethane NXTPurethane 386/9000Purethane FLXPurethane FLX Plus
General DescriptionSTEEL PIPE LINING & COATING AS PER EN 10290 & AWWA C222 - Direct to Metal (DTM) Rigid Polyurethane. European REACH Compliant ingredients.STEEL PIPE LINING & COATING AS PER AWWA C222, EN 15655 & EN 15189 - Direct to Metal (DTM) Rigid Polyurethane. European REACH Compliant ingredients.MULTIPURPOSE COATING WITH 25+ YEAR WORLDWIDE TRACK RECORD. Primed. For Steel & Concrete CHEMICAL RESISTANT CONCRETE LINER. European REACH Compliant ingredientsVERY HIGH ELONGATION ELASTOMERIC COATING For Concrete Or Flexible Substrates, Roofing, Low Temperature Flexibility.

End Use Recommendation

Substrate Suitability Steel - Corrosion
Steel - High Abrasion
Concrete - Waterproofing/Deck
Concrete - Chemical/ Corrosion
Pipeline - External New - Site / Shop Coating
New - Shop (Snap Set)
Pipeline - Internal Potable Water
Seawage/ Effluent
Crude Oil
Buried Tank - External LPG Mounded Bullets
Petroleum Tanks
Marine & Offshore Offshore Platforms
Ship Hulls
Tank Lining Potable Water
Crude Oil / Diesel / Petrol
Effluent & Waste
Concrete Cooling Towers (NDCT/IDCT)
Sewage Pipes & Tanks
Secondary Containment
Roofing & Decks
Industrial Flooring

Application Profile

Ratio Resin - Activator By Volume 3 to 1 2.5 to 1 3 to 1 3 to 1 1 to 1
Primer Required
Grades Available Long Pot Life
Touch Up
Fast Spray
Snap Set Spray
Thickness Recommended 0.50 - 1.50 mm
1.00 - 3.00 mm or More

Property Profile

Elongation Low (<10%)
Medium (<50%)
High (<100%)
Very High (>300%)
Hardness Low (<60 Shore D)
Medium (<75 Shore D)
High (>75 Shore D)
Impact Medium
Abrasion Resistance Medium
Chemical Resistance Medium
Very High
Cathodic Disbondment Very Low (< 5mm Radius)
Low (<10mm Radius)
High Temperature 80C