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Polyurethane Coatings

100% Solids, Zero VOC

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OEM to leading pipe mills and users.

46,500,000+ sq.ft

The biggest polyurethane projects in the world.

Industries Purethane Serves

A comparison between how a ductile iron pipe looks before our polyurethane coatings and after it. The before part is old and rusty whereas the after part is smooth, evenly yellow-ish colored, and protected.
A machine spraying Purethane on the internal lining of a carbon steel pipe.
A set of white & clean water pipelines coated with Purethane.
A top view shot of wastewater treatment plants that are circular and hold a lot of water.
A set of ductile iron pipes having been coated with Purethane - Amchems polyurethane coating.

Water & Wastewater

Pipeline External Coatings, Pipeline Internal Lining, Concrete Tank Lining, and more!

Pipelines transporting crude oil

Oil & Gas

Pipeline External Coating, Pipeline Rehabilitation, Buried Tanks, and Storage Tank Lining

A power plant with 8 cooling towers

Power Generation

Cooling Water Lines, Intake & Outfall Lines, Cooling Towers, and Ash Handling

An offshore refinery

Marine & Offshore

Vessel Bottoms, Holding Tanks, and Pipe & Sheet Piling

A effluent treatment storage facility coatings whose walls have been coated with Purethane as to protect from corrosion.

General Industrial

Effluent Treatment, Tank Lining, and Rail Cars

Application Expertise – The Key Difference!

With over 5 million man hours of experience, skilled crews, large inventory of equipment, custom manufactured application equipment including automation and robotics, our application division has the ability and experience to undertake complex and large projects. We offer this expertise, along with any necessary equipment, to our OEM & applicator customers to ensure a flawless start or expansion of their own coating operations without the difficult learning curve!

Exceeding International Standards

Partner Products

Distribution of leading products for coating application.

An Amchem applicator spray Purethane using plural component airless spray equipment

Airless Spray Equipment

World class equipment, now specially customized for Purethane.

A photo of a person apply Chlor*Rid Hold*Blast onto a surface

CHLOR RID Hold*Blast™

Industry leading Salt Remediation solutions by Borchers Americas.

Our Subsidiaries

The same high performance polyurethane coatings, now for the waterproofing and industrial flooring market.

A tall skyscraper with moss-like gardens hanging from several unique floors.



100% Solids, two component Polyurethane Coating system that contains no solvents, noxious smells and is non-flammable. It has been formulated specifically as a high performance waterproofing membrane, providing lifelong protection to concrete and other masonry. Once coated, the surface is completely impervious to water. Create cool green roofs of your dreams with gardens, vegetation, water bodies, and swimming pools!

A clean yellow floor made for industrial use (prevent abrasion resistance, etc.)

Amshield Deck

Industrial Flooring

Two component Polyurethane solution with zero solvents, no noxious smells, and non-flammable nature. High-performance long-term protection for Parking Decks, Industrial Floors & Clean Rooms. With Amshield Deck, shield your floors from impact, abrasion, chemicals, dust generation, and more!. X-Bac anti-microbial variants kill microbes on contact making it invaluable for food processing, hospitals, and clean rooms.

* Chlor*Rid & Hold*Blast are trademarks of CHLOR RID® Products, a product group of Borchers Americas Inc