Product Matrix

Purethane® Product selection Matrix

Product NamePurethane PLXPurethane 386/9000Purethane FLXPurethane DeckPurethane FLX Plus
General DescriptionSTEEL PIPE LINING & COATING AS PER AWWA C222, EN 10290, EN 15655 & EN 15189 - Direct to Metal (DTM) Rigid Polyurethane. European REACH Compliant ingredients.MULTIPURPOSE COATING WITH 25+ YEAR WORLDWIDE TRACK RECORD. Primed.CHEMICAL RESISTANT CONCRETE LINER. European REACH Compliant ingredients.SELF LEVELLING, LONG POT LIFE FLOOR COATING. European REACH Compliant ingredients.VERY HIGH ELONGATION ELASTOMERIC COATING For Concrete Or Flexible Substrates, Roofing, Low Temperature Flexibility.

End Use Recommendation

Substrate Suitability Steel - Corrosion
Steel - High Abrasion
Concrete - Waterproofing/Deck
Concrete - Chemical/ Corrosion
Pipeline - External New - Site / Shop Coating
New - Shop (Instant Set)
Pipeline - Internal Potable Water
Seawage/ Effluent
Crude Oil
Buried Tank - External LPG Mounded Bullets
Petroleum Tanks
Marine & Offshore Offshore Platforms
Ship Hulls
Tank Lining Potable / DM Water
Crude Oil
Effluent & Waste
Concrete Cooling Towers (NDCT/IDCT)
Sewage Pipes & Tanks
Secondary Containment
Roofing & Decks
Industrial Flooring

Application Profile

Ratio Resin - Activator By Volume 3 to 1 3 to 1 3 to 1 3.5 to 1 1 to 1
Primer Required
Grades Available Long Pot Life
Touch Up
Fast Spray
Snap Set Spray
Thickness Recommended 0.50 - 1.50 mm
1.00 - 3.00 mm or More

Property Profile

Elongation Low (<20%)
Medium (<50%)
High (<100%)
Very High (>300%)
Hardness Low (<60 Shore D)
Medium (<75 Shore D)
High (>75 Shore D)
Impact Medium
Abrasion Resistance Medium
Chemical Resistance Medium
Cathodic Disbondment Very Low (< 5mm Radius)
Low (<10mm Radius)